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Export as.

'Export as' was a branding project pitch for the end of year degree show - I worked on this project along side 2 other students which we then pitched to the rest of the course. The intent of the brand was to represent everyone on the course in spite of the diversity as well as symbolising the end of our journey. 

Brand Animation

Exporting files is a daily task for designers, it is a marker for the end of a project - as we finish university and export ourselves into industry. The brand identity was designed to encapsulate the left-to-right movement of export - following the menu path in Adobe programs. This led us to the use of the lozenge shape which became the foundation of the visual identity. 

The visuals:
brand pattern.
logo versatility.
the exhibition space.
industry invitation.
sizze test.024.jpeg
information leaflet.
promotional poster.
instagram filters.
the website concept.
promotional poster.
social media feed.
in space mockup.jpg
the exhibition space.
the exhibition space.
the export mirror.
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