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Food to Die For

I was tasked to design one impact and one information magazine spread with no provided imagery or content surrounding the concept of food. I chose to write and curate: Food to Die For a piece on Death Row inmate's last meals.

Proposed title page spread.

I chose the title or my article: Food to Die For: which was an insight into Death-row inmates last meals.

This is the impact spread I designed, I wanted it to appear textured through the typeface (curated by myself) emulating prisoners scratching words into walls. With it being such a morbid topic I took a similar dark approach to the actual design of the spread, adding to the eeriness and emphasising the sinister reality of death row.

Proposed information spread.
infromation mockupfood.jpg

For the information spread I wanted to maintain the jail cell theme. the images are faded like old photos they have tucked in their mattress, the text is scratched and 'engraved' into the magazine and the textured background simply builds on the unsettling nature of prison life and Death-row.

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