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As part of a university project, I curated the sustainable stationery brand: Karma. A mission-orientated brand dedicated to making positive change for the benefit of the planet - disrupting the stationery supply chain.

Introducing Karma, a line of sustainable stationery that aims to increase accessibility to sustainability for people who want to make a difference, even in the smallest of ways. Karma is a mission-orientated, sustainable stationery solution committed to helping the environment, ending product waste caused by consumerism, and bringing about positive change for the earth. 


I designed the Karma brand to feel free-flowing - the flick of a pen, drawn with ease symbolising the reality of how easy these small changes are to make. The logo mark is encompassed in a circle which is representative of both the meaning of Karma (what goes around, comes around) and the eternal life of each of Karmas products.

The products:
The Perpetual Diary
Planet Friendly Paper
The Never Ending Pen
Magic in a Bottle Ink Remover
The extras:
Thank you cards
GDP1 assessment portfolio V4.001.jpeg
Karmatype typeface
Order packaging
GDP1 assessment portfolio V4.001.jpeg
The digital presence:
GDP1 assessment portfolio V4.001.jpeg
The Website
GDP1 assessment portfolio V4.002.jpeg
The Social Media
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