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Wes Anderson: The Life Accidental

Proposed spreads for a Wes Anderson article.

A proposed title spread designed using the provided content.
impact new mockup.jpg

I first designed an 'impact' spread acting almost as a title page. I made use of his iconic shade of orange throughout the proposal as it is something he is commonly associated with  


I further represented his creative outlook on life and meticulous attention to detail and symmetry with his eyes peaking through the overlay.

A proposed information spread designed using the provided content.
information mockup.jpg

I progressed to design the information/ primary content spread.

The primary inspiration behind this design proposal was Wes Anderson's recognised affiliation and obsession with symmetry. I raised the left side of his portrait to create this obvious disconnect and imbalance but pushing the idea: there is symmetry in the imbalance.

I again made use of the iconic orange shade to maintain consistency and emphasise the minimal sense of colour, that he is recognised for.

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